Clinica Alpina SA

Veterinary Medical Center

Function: Co-Owner and Member of the Board of Directors

Clinica Alpina follows a holistic philosophy, focusing on the animal as a whole. It ensures a personalized and coordinated treatment to the welfare of the animal.

Conventional Medicine

At the Clinica Alpina, academic medicine is understood and practiced as a so-called evidence-based medicine. Together with the examination carried out on the patient, it requests a high level of expertise and an ongoing adaptation to the latest scientific and therpateutic findings. Only the totality of this approach and the informative consultation with the pet owner allow a successful high-standard medicine.

Complementary Medicine

We understand complementary medicine as part of an integrative medicine, which combines conventional and complementary medicine. Complementary medicine supports the conventional medical treatments by various methods. The system of every living being consists of body, mind and soul and is influenced by internal and external factors. The interaction between these factors and the successful activation of self-healing decides on health and wellbeing. We thereby incorporate the latest findings in human medicine appropriately. Whether you start the treatment with a conventional of complementary approach is irrelevant; important is the holistic connection for the best possible veterinary treatment.

Our focus lies on the following complementary methods of diagnosis and treatment: acupuncture, physiotherapy, homeopathy, autohaemotherapy, bioresonance and magnetic therapy. We are constantly researching and working for the development of existing and new methods in favor of our animals. Through holistic combination of different diagnostic methods we determine the optimal method of treatment.