Business Partner
Business Partner

«We are your committed partner»

We are your business partner and enabler.
We walk the extra mile with you.

strategic partner

partner corporate venturing

Our core competences are
  • to design business and governance models;
  • to advise board and management in stress and change situations;
  • to govern national and international conflict situations, proceedings and lawsuits;
  • to provide leadership on a strategic and operational level (incl. board assessment, coaching);
  • to provide interim-management on C-level as well as board level;
  • to digitize existing business models and to design digital business platforms connecting specific ecosystems;
  • to design corporate as well as network and cooperative business models and structures;
  • to design company strategy, planning and the respective implementation;
  • to shape growth and transformation, restructuring;
  • to design the financial steering of the company as well as investment decisions on company level;
  • to steer and ensure corporate governance and compliance with the legal and regulatory business environment under uncertainty;
  • to design the entrepreneurial handling of opportunities and risks under uncertainty; to steer and ensure efficient and effective risk management (incl. legal-regulatory and technical compliance as well as legal management);
  • to steer and ensure efficient and effective external and internal performance and control systems (incl. audit);
  • to design national and international contracts, risk management of contracts and merger & acquisition;
  • to lead front business lines with high complexity.
Our industry focus is
  • finance (financial markets and financial market infra­structures like exchanges, investment banking, retail banking, asset management, collective investment schemes, private banking, family offices, insurances);
  • health (hospitals and clinics, medical doctors, comple­mentary and alternative medicine, pharma, health insurances, social insurances, health data, human and veterinarian medicine);
  • technology (information technology, digitization).

We, further, provide expert opinions or act as arbitrator. High level academic competences in the fields of corporate, financial markets and inter­national contracts combined with extensive business and industry experiences add value to any kind of dispute resolution your company is faced with, be it on corporate, regulatory or contractual levels.