«Shaping is our passion»

We shape business holistically and interlink leadership, technology and law.
Basis for this is the understanding of our partners and clients.



International Professional Boards Forum 2022

Franco Taisch served at the Forum ( as one of the chairs of the simulated board meetings.

Anwalts-Rating (Bilanz/Handelszeitung/Le Temps)

Barandun Legal & Tax again rated as one of the best law firms in Switzerland. This, in particular, also in the M&A Business where Franco Taisch is active as partner.

VSE: VR-Seminar 2022

As part of the 2022 Board of Directors Seminar of the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE) Franco Taisch discussed the «Most Important Risks for Electricity Provider – a 360-Degree-Approach for Management of Opportunities and Risks»

VSE: VR-Tagung 2021

As part of the 2021 Board of Directors Conference (VR-Tagung) of the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE), conference moderator Dr. Ivo Schillig held a panel discussion with Franco Taisch on the topic of leadership - when everything is suddenly no longer...

Swiss Board School

As part of the Swiss Board School, Franco Taisch gave a lecture on how to shape the board, the challenging nomination of appropriate candidates.

New Business Models & Ecosystems in the Digital Era

At the IT Sourcing & Business Cloud Forum 2018 Franco Taisch discussed new business models and digital ecosystems, i.p. from a health, finance and media perspective.

Navigating in Entrepreneurial Conflicting Areas

As a guest speaker at Rotary, Franco Taisch discussed leading businesses in conflicting areas of entrepre­neurial open space, regulatory frame­works and responsibility.

What we mean

Today and in the past, corporate scandals repeatedly reveal corporate failures, moral misconduct and criminal behavior. Reflection on gover­nance and cooperative governance.

7th Convention on Co-operative Banks

At the 7th Convention on Co-operative Banks of the EACB, Franco Taisch took part in the Panel “Designing new proximity models in the era of digitalisation”.

Framework or Interventions for Entrepreneurial Freedom?

At the HCM Board Conference 2016 in Zurich, Franco Taisch spoke about navigating in the tension field of entrepre­neurial freedom, regulatory framework and responsibility.