VSE: VR-Tagung 2021

As part of the 2021 Board of Directors Conference (VR-Tagung) of the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE), conference moderator Dr. Ivo Schillig held a panel discussion with Franco Taisch on the topic of leadership - when everything is suddenly no longer...

Swiss Board School

As part of the Swiss Board School, Franco Taisch gave a lecture on how to shape the board, the challenging nomination of appropriate candidates.

What we mean

Today and in the past, corporate scandals repeatedly reveal corporate failures, moral misconduct and criminal behavior. Reflection on gover­nance and cooperative governance.

7th Convention on Co-operative Banks

At the 7th Convention on Co-operative Banks of the EACB, Franco Taisch took part in the Panel “Designing new proximity models in the era of digitalisation”.

Identity and Growth

As Chairman of the Steering Committee of the 18th International Conference on Cooperative Studies, Franco Taisch outlined the correlation between company identity and growth in his opening and closing remarks.

Control Suggests a False Sense of Security

In a talk with the Tages-Anzeiger, Franco Taisch questions whether the sheer increase of rules on Corporate Governance actually generates benefits in the light of corporate scandals.

Prominent Antagonists in the Sika Dispute

Franco Taisch in a brief interview (02:58′) in the news magazine 10vor10 on July 24, 2015 to the dispute of the Sika Group and its acquisition by Saint-Gobain:

Sika Dispute Can Take up to Two Years

In the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) Franco Taisch gave his view on the corporate dispute between the board of directors of Sika and the family majority sharholder regarding the take-over by Saint-Gobain.

Sustainable Prosperity

The International Summit of Cooperatives 2014 was committed to shaping the cooperative business model for a global economy of tomorrow. Franco Taisch was invited to speak on the opening panel on sustainable prosperty, challenges for the global economy.

Lessons Learnt?

Good corporate governance involves control, but must also leave room for entrepre­neurial initiative. Various stake­holders have a role to play. The Notenstein Dialogue of August 2014 is dedicated to the tension between risk control and entrepre­neurial freedom.